5 Interesting Themes for Adult Entertainment in Brisbane That You Should Know

James | June 29, 2018 | 1 | Escort

Are you the kind who is into extreme, outrageous ideas? If you are hosting a stag party or a birthday celebration for your best mate, there are tons of party themes you can have for these events. The adult entertainment Brisbane has been offering is a mixture of bizarre and kinky. Surely, you will never run out of wild concepts whenever you are in the Queensland capital. Likewise, you have tons of options for your party venue. So, forget about partying at home, as there are far better places for occasions like these in the suburbs, such as Fortitude Valley.


To show you what themes you can apply for your events, here is a few of them.



Unless you think clowns give you the creeps, a clown theme is an interesting party for you and your friends. No, the performers would not be dressing like the typical bozos in children’s gatherings. What you are going to see will titillate your senses and change your perception towards clownish entertainers.



Extend your sexual fantasies to the animal kingdom with a vulpine or feline themed adult party. Expect to be surrounded with foxy Sheilas wagging their tails to your heart’s delight. Armed with just fluffy ears, skimpy clothes, and their sexiness, they can definitely keep you and your blokes up all night.



Do you find popping balloons sexy? Whether it is a personal fetish or not, hosting a balloon-themed party is quite an intriguing choice. This involves scantily clad performers popping these inflatables whilst you watch. Sounds sexy, isn’t it? This adult entertainment Brisbane has is surely out of this world.



Do you want a bizarre party idea for your stag party? Why not hire a food play performer? This involves a woman playing with food before your very eyes. Surely, you would love to have a bad girl in your sights who likes to get messy. Pour chocolate all over her curvaceous body or perhaps cover her with ham and cheese. You can now do these without your mum telling you to stop playing with food. Guilty pleasures satisfied, right?



You probably have watched “Bride of Frankenstein” and find the actress hot. If you fancy horror films and the monster genre, a creature-themed party is definitely your best option. You will surely love being surrounded by seductive ghouls and racy vampires all throughout the night.

These are just some of the best adult entertainment Brisbane has to offer. If you want more of these, check out the nearest strip club in your area for themed-party packages and other services. You may also contact concierge services and party planners for recommendations and quotes.

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